Island Finance Donates Sports Equipment to Skol Chema Maduro and Fr. Evoniusschool

Once again, Island Finance donates sports equipment to promote physical activity that is crucial for children’s growth and development. This time the following schools were benefited: Chema Maduro and Fr. Evoniusschool.

“After what we have lived in the past couple of years, it is more important than ever to keep our children active and provide them with the support they need to remain motivated. We are very pleased to contribute with tools that stimulate our children’s healthy growth and development”, said Guillermo Giribaldie, Country Manager of Island Finance in Curacao.

Donations were done according to each school’s specific needs mostly for skills development in gym sports, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Island Finance team members spent some time with faculty and students at both schools.

“Part of our mission is helping the community through different initiatives focused on well-being. We will continue to do these efforts to support our younger generation”, said Mr. Giribaldie. For more information, please visit their Facebook fanpage at @islandfinancecuracao.